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Utah Jazz vs Cleveland Cavaliers: Game Thread

No bigs, no biggy for the Jazz?

Utah Jazz v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz are officially out of rotational big men with Hassan Whiteside now entering health and safety protocols. The Jazz will be without any bigs, besides 10-day contract player Norvel Pelle.

The Cavs are a very good team and this is going to be a big ask for a Jazz team that has a defensive rating of 124.7 (according to . That is worst in the league with the next worst team being the Houston Rockets who are trying to lose games. I just hurt my own feelings writing that sentence.

Perhaps the Jazz can overcome the defensive deficit with their offense? In the last 3 games their offensive rating has been 11th in the league. That’s above average but not good enough when you’re the worst defense in the NBA. Let’s see what happens!