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Donovan Mitchell wins NBA Player of the Month for December

A well-deserved honor for a player deserving much more respect than he gets

Charlotte Hornets v Utah Jazz Photo by Jeff Swinger/NBAE via Getty Images

The league announced today that Donovan Mitchell is winner of Player of the Month for December today.

For the month Mitchell had averaged 30.2 points, 5.0 assists, 3.2 rebounds, and 1.2 steals per game. This was in just 34.3 minutes per game and on fantastic averages. Mitchell shot 50.2 percent from the field and 37.7% from three. He also averaged 5.8 free throws per game and shot 87% from the line.

This is an exciting development for Mitchell who has evolved again this season to be an even better playmaker and scorer. Mitchell has been magnificent in December. Whether it’s pulling up for three when a defender goes under a screen or driving to the hoop when they go over Mitchell has become lethal with his outside shot. The next step he’s taken has been his decision making when driving to the hoop. If the pullup midrange is there, he takes it and makes it with regularity. If the lane is open, he drives to the hoop, and he only needs the slightest bit of daylight to make that shot happen. If there’s an open shooter, or Rudy Gobert is open driving to the lane, he’s making the right pass. The evolution of his game has been one of the more under told stories this season in the NBA so it’s nice to see him get this recognition.

This is one step closer for the Utah Jazz’s star guard to making All-NBA and a sign that he’s the type of player that can lead them to a title.