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Utah Jazz kick off the preseason against the Toronto Raptors

It’s time to watch Jazz Basketball again

2022 NBA Salt Lake City Summer League - Philadelphia 76ers v Utah Jazz

It’s been an eventful summer for the Utah Jazz. We’ve seen them turnover nearly the entire roster after spectacular playoff failure once again left the team at a major crossroads. IN walks Danny Ainge who, in his first offseason with the team, traded their two all-stars for a massive amount of picks and assets. Now, after what has been the most drastic offseason for the Utah Jazz since trading Deron Wiliams, we are opening the first page of this new chapter of Jazz basketball.

Since that Deron Williams trade there have been enough highs to consider it an era. We saw the Gordon Hayward years culminate in winning a playoff series against the Chris Paul/Blake Griffin Clippers which gave us this all-time shot from Joe Johnson.

It’s one of the best Jazz memories.

Sadly, we saw Gordon Hayward eventually leave after the Jazz had just drafted a promising rookie named Donovan Mitchell. Somehow those #stayward billboards didn’t work.

Speaking of Donovan Mitchell, there were some fantastic moments with him as well. After a rough start for the Jazz his rookie year, Donovan Mitchell exploded on the scene and nearly won Rookie of the Year. It culminated in an epic first round upset win over the Oklahoma City Thunder.

We know how that just ended with Mitchell trying to make a trade happen with New York being traded to Cleveland.

Of course, both of those lead scorers had Rudy Gobert behind them, patrolling the paint and cleaning up the boards. Gobert is the constant of this era that was the backbone of all their success and it was the Gobert trade that truly signaled the end. Withou

t Gobert’s hall-of-fame defense, none of this ever happens.

After all of that, it leads us to this game against the Toronto Raptors. The Jazz will come into this with the veterans still on the team from last year, Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson, multiple rookies acquired in trades, and young prospects looking to prove themselves. What seems like a potentially boring roster is looking more like a team of players looking to play hard and prove themselves, something Jazz fans haven’t seen for some time. I’m not even sure who will be starting, and that’s what makes this season fun. Ater years of predictable lineups, rotations, and eventual playoff failure, it’s nice to have some unpredictability. (that’s a word now.)

Get ready, Jazz fans, we’re about to see effort, heart, and desire once again. And even if it doesn’t equate to a lot of victories, it will make for a more enjoyable team, and season.

Game Info

When: 4:00 PM MT

Where: Rogers Place, Edmonton, AB


Radio: 97.5/1280 The Zone

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Let the season begin!