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Utah Jazz sign Micah Potter to two-way contract

Another high upside player that will get time to develop with the Stars

Utah Jazz Media Day Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have signed Micah Potter to a two-way contract.

Potter is an intriguing prospect that has shown some real promise in the G-League. At Ohio State and Wisconsin he showed some steady improvement but went from averaging 11 ppg for Wisconsin to averaging 17 ppg on 53% shooting in the G-League. This is an opportunity for Porter to continue to improve and keeps him close to the Jazz. Can he take things to another level and show that he’s an NBA rotation player? He should have a good chance to do that this season.

The Jazz signed Jeenathan Williams yesterday.

But then waived him today. Williams will play for the Stars and can show what he can do in the G-League.

In a normal season for the Jazz, these types of moves would just be footnotes to the regular season and woudn’t amount to much. But because the Jazz are at the beginning of a rebuild, some of these players will get legitimate chances to show what they can do, and even find their way on the roster.