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Quin Snyder working with the Lakers?

What is going on here?

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s been quite the summer but this wasn’t quite the story arc I expected. According to Darvin Ham, Quin Snyder is working for the Lakers pro bono.

We know that Snyder had connections to the Lakers with his time there as an assistant coach so it’s not the most surprising thing, although I’m not sure what connection he has to Darvin Ham.

A lot of people asked how is he getting paid by the Jazz still. Eric Walden provided a great answer.

This does make all the end-of-season-rumors a little more interesting. You know, the ones that had the Lakers interested in Quin Snyder? These rumors come from somewhere and it’s obvious there’s a relationship there, perhaps even a strong one. Maybe Snyder is trying to work his way to his next job?

I think the thing I’d like to know is what advice is Snyder giving. Perhaps he’s letting the Lakers know where to get a stone tablet to write their rotations on? Snyder etched the rotations on stone like he was on Mount Sinai before every season. Perhaps he was giving Ham pointers? I mean literal pointers.. Oh sorry, I meant chisels. Anyways, it takes time to chisel those down because why would you ever want to adjust your lineups?

Perhaps Snyder is also letting Ham know how he got outcoached in every playoff series he was a part of. That can only be helpful to Ham to know how to beat a bad playoff scheme that never changes. My guess is Snyder is also helping him decide who his oldest, most washed defender is, and then persuading him to have them guard the other team’s best scorer in isolation. Ah the joys of watching Jamal Murray destroy the Jazz’s worst defenders over and over in the bubble with no adjustment in sight. Truly a memory that will live forever in Jazz lore.

But who knows, with Snyder still under contract for the Jazz, maybe he’s the asset that can get moved to bring in more picks. That would truly be an amazing thing for Ainge to pull of if he could.