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Utah Jazz will not pick up options on Udoka Azubuike or Leandro Bolmaro

It will be the end of what was a disastrous draft pick for the Jazz

2022 NBA Summer League - Los Angeles Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images

According to Tony Jones, the Utah Jazz will not pick up Udoka Azubuike’s fourth-year rookie option or Leandro Bolmaro’s third-year option.

This is the beginning of the end of what was a disastrous pick for Utah Jazz when they took Udoka Azubuike at pick 27. DOK’s tenure with the Jazz was a tumultuous one and not really his fault. Azubuike dealt with a variety of injuries that sidelined him for extended periods of time, all of which hampered his ability to develop. But even with the injuries, DOK’s game has never really shown to be anything other than an athletic center who can’t shoot.

Although, even with the injuries, the pickup was something that never should have happened. With players like Jaden McDaniels and Desmond Bane on the board, Dennis Lindsey made an absolutely atrocious pick taking Azubuike, who everyone rated as a late second-round pick. While Desmond Bane has been incredible for the Grizzlies, Azubuike sat on the bench and spent time in the G-League. In a lot of ways, that pick was the straw that broke the camel's back for the Jazz’s recent chapter. The Jazz made a series of head-scratching moves, like signing Derrick Favors for too much money, only to trade a first-round pick to get off his contract two years later. Because of moves like this, Dennis Lindsey would be demoted and it wasn’t much longer that the Jazz mutually parted ways with Quin Snyder. It’s almost poetic that the day before this happened Desmond Bane scored 32 points against the Jazz.

The other player whose option will not be picked up is Leandro Bolmaro. Bolmaro is intriguing with his length and athleticism for a guard, but there doesn’t appear to be an ability to shoot the ball. He has length and handles, but he’s too nervous to shoot the ball and in his short times on the floor has consistently avoided the shot to make other moves. He may figure that out in time, but it will be somewhere else after next season.