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Utah Jazz interested in trading for John Collins?

Does this make sense for the Jazz?

Utah Jazz v Atlanta Hawks Photo by Adam Hagy/NBAE via Getty Images

According to Shams Charania, the Utah Jazz have interest in trading for John Collins of the Atlanta Hawks.

Danny Ainge just couldn’t help himself, could he? John Collins has had an incredibly underwhelming season so far. quick glance at his raw stats shows a mere 12.6 ppg this season which is 4 points less than his career average. For a team that just signed Collins to a big contract, it’s got to be an interesting situation after their big trade for DeJounte Murray. You can bet they were hoping for more with Collins, and maybe they’re motivated to make something happen.

For the Jazz, this would be a move for a player entering their prime that they likely hope could reach another level on their team. These rumors also make sense, considering how much talk surrounded Collins last offseason until the Hawks begrudgingly gave him his new contract.

The Jazz do have a lot of veteran pieces if the Hawks are interested, the question who would they want. A Conley/Collins trade makes sense for the Jazz if they want to add an upside player in Collins while losing one of their most vital players? Although maybe the Hawks are looking for a big to replace Collins in the move? Either way, the Jazz have a lot of players for them to choose from. Whatever the case, this is something to watch as the Jazz season continues.