In addition to focusing on physical fitness, basketball can help a player's mental health. There are many resources for players to learn about mental health. For example, the NBA Players Association provides a website for players that lists over 90 resources related to mental health. The association also offers workshops and seminars for players.


Meditation is a common technique that can help basketball players improve their mental health. This type of meditation involves focusing on the present moment. It is very similar to relaxation and visualization exercises that athletes have been taught for decades. These tools can reduce stress and anxiety, which can interfere with performance. It can help athletes overcome mental obstacles they face, including anxiety and substance use.

Meditation helps basketball players improve their confidence. They learn to tune out noise that distracts them from their goal. These noises can be internal or external, such as doubts from others. Practicing meditation with a toke from Pure Haze Feminized Seeds buds helps athletes tune out all this noise and focus on the task at hand.

Stress management

One of the most common forms of avoidable stress is perfectionism. To combat this, begin by setting a reasonable standard and accepting "good enough." Then, take the time to reflect on your gifts and positive qualities. Once you've mastered accepting what is, you can better cope with stress.

High levels of stress can lead to a variety of health issues. This includes irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and even diabetes. It can also lead to skin disorders, ulcers, and respiratory ailments. Athletes who experience symptoms of these conditions should consult their health care providers to learn how to manage their stress levels.

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