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Utah Jazz Pick Watch

Let’s check in on where the Jazz would be picking in the draft if the season ended today

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Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz Photo by Chris Gardner/ Getty Images

Although this season has not been the complete Tank-o-Rama for Wembanyama that we assumed it would be heading in, the Utah Jazz do own an exorbitant amount of first-round picks for the next several years, including 3 in this year’s highly anticipated draft. Now is a great time to start checking on where those picks stand and familiarizing ourselves with some of the names that might be available where the Jazz are picking.

Current Pick Standings

If the season ended today and the lottery went as expected according to the regular season record the Jazz would own the following picks:

  • 12th (from Minnesota)
  • 13th (Jazz)
  • 23rd (Least Favorable of Houston/Philadelphia/Brooklyn)

The image below shows how the lottery could shake out after running a simulation on Tankathon.

Lottery Simulation from

In this simulation, there isn’t any movement for the Jazz, but there was some really tough luck for Detroit getting bounced from the top 4 and being jumped by Houston and LA. This is a doomsday scenario for the Lakers (and potentially the league as a whole) if they managed to jump into the top 4 and have to hand that pick over to the New Orleans Pelicans, who are currently sitting atop the Western Conference standings.

Big Board Check-In

Today we’ll take a look at The Athletic’s Top 100 as our frame of reference.

Sitting at 12th on the big board is currently Kyle Filipowski, the 7’0” C playing at Duke. He’s a very skilled big with a good handle and a decent three-point shot. He may be worth a look, even with the emergence of Walker Kessler this year as a legitimate rotation big in the NBA.

Maryland Eastern Shore v Duke Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

13th on the board is Dillon Mitchell, the super athletic 6’7” wing from Texas. Taking Mitchell in the draft is taking a flier on his top-tier athleticism. His shooting is unrefined and he would need to work on that part of his game, but the athleticism alone is enough to make you wonder how special he could be if he figured out the other parts of his game.

Arkansas - Pine Bluff v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Lastly, at 23rd on The Athletic’s board is Jett Howard, son of NBA All-Star Juwan Howard. Jett is listed at 6’7” and his game is really centered around his shooting ability. His NBA profile would probably be a 3 and D wing type of player.

Virginia v Michigan Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

This is such an exciting time to be a Jazz fan, we’ll continue to keep an eye on the upcoming draft as the season takes its many twists and turns.