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Utah Jazz vs Houston Rockets: Game Thread

Rudy Gobert is back for the Utah Jazz!

Houston Rockets v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

In Rudy Gobert’s return for the Utah Jazz against the Houston Rockets, the Jazz will need to show that they can translate the defensive improvements on the perimeter with Rudy Gobert back in the lineup. Utah for so long has shown that they can rely on Rudy Gobert to save them when the perimeter defense falters. The problem is that those perimeter defenders had grown to rely on it rather than only need it occasionally. In the Jazz’s recent win streak we saw how the Jazz can defend without Gobert, do things go to another level with Gobert back? Let’s hope so.

The Houston Rockets are low in the standings but they have talent that can explode night to night and if the Jazz come into this game without an edge, things could get frustrating like they were earlier in the year. This last stretch before All-Star break is a chance for Utah to solidify who they are, which everyone had hoped was a contender. Games like tonight can really prove it.