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Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers: Game Thread

The Utah Jazz are looking to win their 7th in a row tonight against the Lakers

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

On national TV, the Utah Jazz will take on Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers tonight in a matchup the Jazz should win. The Lakers’ highly publicized disappointment of a season has been the focus of every national headline, but the Jazz haven’t been a team the Lakers have struggled with this season. The Lakers beat the Jazz in their last matchup with a highlight dunk from Westbrook on Gobert.

The Jazz are a different team now than they were in that game. Donovan Mitchell is back to his All-NBA form and Rudy Gobert is in the lineup for Utah and looking refreshed. It’s games like this that the Jazz need to prove they’re still a contender. If they can’t beat the Lakers right now, it’s hard to make that claim.