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Jazz fall to Lakers on the road

Jazz trip up in last game before the All-Star break

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz went into the all-star break on a sour note Wednesday night, falling to the Los Angeles Lakers on the road to snap their six-game win streak. Utah collapsed in the 4th quarter after leading by double digits during the third quarter. Give LA credit, they stayed mentally tough after losing star Anthony Davis in the first half and clawed their way to a win.

The Lakers snapped a three-game losing streak with the win tonight. LeBron James lead his team with 33 points and 8 rebounds. The reason LeBron is LeBron is because of the way he can take over a game in the 4th quarter but it was a clutch three from Lakers guard Austin Reaves or good Russell Westbrook minutes that really pushed Los Angeles over the top.

Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

For the Jazz, it’s one thing to lose but to lose after you are in control for most of the game especially stings. Donovan Mitchell turned in an excellent performance with 37 points and 5 assists that was spoiled by the loss. The team can use the all-star break to try and figure out how to not make dumb mistakes in crunch time of games. For a veteran team, they sure don’t seem very adept at taking care of the ball when it matters most.

Most of the Jazz will get a much-needed respite from the grind as they head into the all-star break, with games pausing until Friday of next week. We will look forward to seeing the Jazz next in action in Salt Lake City against the Dallas Mavericks but until then, enjoy the all-star break Jazz fans.