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Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggets: Game Thread

The Jazz don’t have many players playing tonight

Utah Jazz v Denver Nuggets Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz are missing a lot of players tonight and will go against the only team they managed to beat in January. If they win tonight it will be an epic level of fail for the Denver Nuggets, if we’re being honest. The Jazz have not shown an ability to win games in a long time. It looks like Nikola Jokic is out tonight. Can the Jazz take advantage? We’ll see!

There is some level of intrigue now. Jared Butler should get more time, and possibly Elijah Hughes as well. Can Jared Butler string together multiple good performances? His last two games he has performed pretty well with his shooting and ability to run the offense. As bleak as the Jazz’s last month or so has been, Jared Butler is getting valuable minutes that he definitely would not have were the Jazz healthy. That’s what Jazz fans should be watching for. Do we get a Jared Butler coming out party? This IS on ESPN and so there’s no better night to do it