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SLC Dunk Podcast: Post Game Reaction to Utah Jazz beating the Dallas Mavericks

A clutch win? Yes!

Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz did something they haven’t done in a while. They got a clutch win. The combination of Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert were fantastic against the Dallas Mavericks and carried them to the win late. Mitchell was lights out on offense and Rudy Gobert held Luka Doncic to 33% shooting. It’s been something we haven’t seen enough of from this Jazz team and it gives you hope that, come playoff time, the Jazz can get enough stops to get playoff wins and even win playoff series.

The Jazz have one of the most difficult schedules to finish the season and will need to build off a win like this if they want a chance to go deep in the playoffs. Can they start building some winning habits in the clutch? Can Quin Snyder find ways to adjust at the end of games to get the Jazz over the top? Tonight was a good start to the rest of the season.

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