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Jazz give lead up late again, tonight it was against the Spurs

The Jazz are just not very mentally tough

NBA: Utah Jazz at Dallas Mavericks Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ok, let’s take a big, deep breath together… and inhale… and exhale… whooooooo….

I just… you know… I don’t…

Alright, I am about to enter the most vulnerable space I’ve ever allowed myself in a published space. Apologies to editor James Hansen, as this is not going to be a very articulate recap. But, honestly, Jazz fans, I think I feel you on this one and we just need to have a collective, exasperated whine session here; so, crack a beer, a diet coke, whatever–let’s complain together. Honestly, excuse me a month from now if this is insane over-reaction, but let’s grieve together.

Usually when I have a recap assignment, I do some research into recent trends of the Jazz’ play as well as the team’s opponent. I forecast some things to watch for, I take notes as I watch, and I try to put together a cohesive, coherent, informative, original piece for you, the audience.

But, tonight… I just don’t have it. I don’t have the energy to try to analyze this loss. I don’t have the will to try and explain this loss. I just can’t care anymore.

The Jazz should not have lost this game.

Yes, Gregg Popovich, a historic competitor entered the matchup with a chance to make history. Yes, the Jazz were without starter Bojan Bogdanovic.

Pop is going to get his flowers, and they are deserved. He is an all-timer. But not here. I will not deflect the dreadfulness of this loss with Pop’s greatness.

Someone may try to sell you excuses for this loss, but I won’t. There is absolutely no excuse for losing a game like this.

Ok, it’s a long season, guys get tired, weird things happen, it’s an 82-game season, whatever. The Jazz have run that well dry this season. Again, again, and again, we see this team wilt at the opportunity to show some toughness. And for a team that talks openly about championship aspirations, they deserve to be roasted for these repeated, inexplicable losses.

This sucks.

I don’t have any answers, any logical explanations, any hopeful prognostications. The Jazz are not that good of a team. They might win a first-round series. But they’ve shot their proverbial wad for a team that, again and again, wilts in the face of adversity.

The Jazz’ two cornerstones–Donovan and Rudy–were underwhelming. It’s supporting cast is even moreso. Danuel House, who was out of the league earlier this year, and who was expected to bring a new energy level to our perimeter defense, filled in for 29-minutes and logged a -9. Mike Conley, our veteran leader and point guard, the guy who’s been in big games, and was a major facet of the last decade’s most notoriously tough team, went 2-14.

I don’t care that it’s a long season. I don’t care that Bojan sat. I don’t care that the guys might be tired after two condensed seasons. There’s no excuse for this loss, especially considering the pattern it illustrates.

Someone else will have an answer. Someone else will find a silver lining. Someone else will have an analysis. Personally, I don’t think the Jazz deserve any of those right now.