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Utah Jazz 3PM record: a history

The Utah Jazz have a rich history of excellent 3P shooters but a look back at history highlights Bojan Bogdanovic’s incredible, record setting night in OKC

Utah Jazz v Phoenix Suns
Bojan Bogdanovic obliterated a Utah Jazz single-game 3PM record by a single player that has stood for near 30 years
Photo by Barry Gossage/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have a rich history of three-point specialists.

Darrell Griffith popularized the shot for Utah in the early seasons since the 3P line’s debut in the 1979 season while Mehmet Okur aided in a burgeoning trend of big men bombing from deep.

The team acquired Jeff Hornacek and Kyle Korver, while home growing talents like Joe Ingles. All these players and more have contributed to a deep rooted 3P culture in Salt Lake City.

Add Bojan Bogdanovic’s name to the list and slot it high!

Since signing with the Utah Jazz in the summer of 2019, Bojan accentuated his reputation as a 3P sniper, making more from distance than anyone with the exception of Donovan (who required over 100 more attempts to do so).

Last night in Oklahoma City, fresh off a dismal shooting night in New Orleans, Bojan Bogdanovic obliterated a 28 year standing record for the most 3’s made in a single game by a single player with 11 made 3’s.

The previous record, set by Jeff Hornacek, had lasted nearly 3 decades. With the 3P revolution taking place over the past half-decade, the record was sure to be broken eventually.

Bojan’s personal best was also 8, accomplished first for the Washington Wizards and then twice for the Utah Jazz. Last night he reset the table, challenging current and future rosters with a nigh unfathomable number.

On this memorable occasion, let’s rewind the clock and look back on Utah’s 3P record history and celebrate an incredible journey that was taken to new heights last night.

Data thanks to Basketball Reference | Visual thanks to Adam Bushman, SLC Dunk
Utah Jazz History of Player Single-Game 3PM Records

The Early Days

While the Jazz franchise extended back to the mid-70’s, it wasn’t until the 1979 season did their long shots begin to land in the 3P column of the box score. On the 4th game of the season, Pete Maravich hit the first official three in franchise history.

Two games later fellow teammate Greg Deane would tie the record before Maravich would be the first to two made 3’s in a single-game on 10/25/1979 against the Chicago Bulls.

The following season, Terry Furlow would be the first Jazz man to make 3 three’s in a single game on the 5th of January 1980. Jeff Judkins would tie that record before Darrel “Dr. Dunkenstein” Griffith would go ballistic in the ensuing seasons, tying the record 16 times.

It wasn’t until the mid-80’s that any Jazz man would surpass 3 made threes in a single game.

Early 3P Jazz records
The Early Days of Utah Jazz 3P records
Data thanks to Basketball Reference | Visual thanks to Adam Bushman, SLC Dunk

The Griffith Era

As mentioned previously, Darrell Griffith tied Terry Furlow’s record of 3 made triples in a single-game not once, not twice, but sixteen times. That was a single that, as far as beyond the arc was concerned, the franchise was entering the Griffith era.

On April 7th 1984 against the Dallas Mavericks, Griffith became the first to 4 made 3’s in a single game. He’d tie his own record five more times while Bob Hansen would achieve the mark once after the record.

Three years later, against the Boston Celtics on February 16th 1987, Griffith would become the first to 5 made 3’s in a single game. He’d tie it twice while Kelly Tripucka, Bob Hansen, and John Stockton would each hit the mark once in their efforts to set a new record.

Darrell Griffith was absolutely ahead of his time and helped pioneer the shot for the organization and the league.

Utah Jazz 3P records
The Griffith era of Utah Jazz 3P records
Data thanks to Basketball Reference | Visual thanks to Adam Bushman, SLC Dunk

The Drought

As the Darrell Griffith era came to a close and the duo of Stockton and Malone took the Utah Jazz to new heights, they acquired Jeff Hornacek. In his first year with the team, Jeff would demolish Darrell Griffith’s record by setting his own of 8 made 3’s in a single game.

Jeff is wildly considered the piece that sent the Jazz to two straight Finals towards the close of the 90’s; his 3P% and made 3’s remain towards the top of the franchise’s leaderboard still today.

As most remember, such mark wouldn’t bee seen again for nearly two decades. Jeff never touched 8 again in his Jazz career and it wasn’t until the early 2010’s that we saw some newcomers tie the record.

Randy Foye in 2013, Rodney Hood in 2016, Bojan Bogdanovic in 2019, Jordan Clarkson in 2021, Joe Ingles in 2021, and Bojan Bogdanovic again in 2021 all tied the record.

We can see an obvious trend here. With the revolutionization of the 3P shot over the last decade, Utah Jazz players were coming ever closer to the mark as the team began to consistently shoot 40+ a night.

Last night, Bojan Bogdanovic ended a near 30 year drought of a single-game 3P makes by an individual with 11 made 3’s. What a record!

Utah Jazz 3P records
The Drought of Utah Jazz 3P records
Data thanks to Basketball Reference | Visual thanks to Adam Bushman, SLC Dunk

The Utah Jazz history behind the arc extends far beyond an honestly trivial single-game 3P makes record by an individual player.

John Stockton’s 3 to send the Jazz to the Finals; Mehmet Okur’s “Money” shots on the pick and pop; Sundiata Gaines 3 to beat LeBron and the Cavs; Rodney Hood’s 8 threes in a half vs LAL; etcetera.

We’ve had an amazing history and it’s culminating with one of the most 3-happy and talented teams in NBA history. Soon Donovan Mitchell will hold the record for most 3’s made All-Time in the history of the franchise. And who knows what’s to come.

For now, congratulations Bojan Bogdanovic! And go watch those highlights again!