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Dallas Mavericks interested in trading for Rudy Gobert?

Where there’s smoke....

Indiana Pacers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

According to Tim McMahon, the Dallas Mavericks have significant interest in Rudy Gobert. McMahon joined Zach Lowe recently on his podcast and talked about the possibility. He mentioned that “he knows enough about Rudy Gobert that he would be interested in playing with Luka (Doncic)” You can listen to the segment below.

This is obviously just a rumor, but McMahon is plugged in with the Mavericks and so it’s a very believable rumor. The question is, can a trade actually happen? Looking at Dallas’ roster, I don’t personally see something that the Jazz would be particularly interested in. If something were to happen, you’re likely looking at some sort of three-way trade.

It’s also a few games before the playoffs, and the Jazz still have a chance to go on a deep run, so this might be much ado about nothing. Either way, it’s clear the vultures are circling a Utah Jazz team that is limping into the playoffs after a brutal end to the season. If the Jazz don’t make some noise in the playoffs, get ready for a wild offseason.