The Reason For our Troubles

The Denver Collapse in the playoffs, The Clipper Collapse in the playoffs, and this season's long issues in the second half of games all stem back to 2 core issues that plague this team. Size/Length & Athleticism.

When we traded for Mike Conley and went with a 6' and 6'1" back court we were doomed to fail in the playoffs. We then doubled down on less athletic players who didn't have the size to keep up in an athletic and long NBA: Joe Ingles, JC, Niang, Gay etc.

When any game gets into the second half or into the playoffs... teams tighten up their defense and passing & driving lanes get tougher for players like Donovan and especially for players like Conley, Clarkson, and Joe Ingles... they just can't operate when the intensity ratchets up. Passes are more difficult to make, especially to non offensive centers. Shooting windows become smaller for unathletic and smaller players like Joe Ingles, Mike Conley, Niang,

That is our real problem. The coach could help out by trusting his defensive wings a little more both this year with Juancho and Alexander and last year with Miye Oni, but the real issue is the roster construction. Things must change this off-season.

I love Mike Conley as a player, a man, and an example. But it was a bad move to go and get a small PG to pair with Donovan for a multitude of reasons. Its time to trade him and Rudy and build around Donovan as the PG, and get athletic wings to pair with Donovan.

Go Jazz.

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