Commentary: JUST SHUT THE HELL UP about trading either Donovan Mitchell or Rudy Gobert, or about firing Quin Snyder!

Monday afternoon (April 4th), while I was driving around listening to sports talk radio, I first heard the show featuring Scott Mitchell (and that other guy) on 1280 the Zone radio, and then heard the show featuring Spence Checketts on A.M. 700 radio. On both prime-drive-time sports talk shows, the hosts and guests were discussing the topic of how they thought there was clearly something wrong with the chemistry of the Jazz; how they thought it had something to do with a bad relationship between Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell; and how they thought that at least one of the Jazz's star players must want to be traded/or should be traded. Also, there was talk about how maybe Quin Snyder may no longer be the right coach for this team, and that perhaps the Jazz should also move on from him, as well.


That's crazy, insanely stupid talk. The only people who should want any of those things to happen are the fans and managements of every team in the NBA, other than the Utah Jazz--not the Utah Jazz--so, Utah radio talk show hosts, Utah sports reporters, and Utah Jazz fans should not be buying into or even mentioning such dumb-ass ideas, for fear that they might gather momentum; get Rudy, Donovan or Quin all riled up; and somehow become self-fulfilling prophesies, to the extreme detriment of the Jazz.

The Jazz were extremely lucky to capture lightning in a bottle twice, by drafting two all stars--and who, hopefully, will both soon become super stars--only 4 years apart, in the 2013 draft and in the 2017 draft, who complement each other well, and who have both liked playing in Utah. Both are signed for at least 3 more years. The Jazz were also very fortunate to hire Coach Quin Snyder, who is a mad basketball genius, who looks like a serial killer on crack (a very cool thing), and who has guided the Jazz to winning season records and to the playoffs 5 straight years in a row--and is on the verge of the 6th straight year in a row, which could potentially be the Jazz's best playoff run yet under Quin Snyder, if the Jazz can get its mojo back in time for the playoffs, after going through a bout of Coronavirus/other illnesses in January and a whole slew of odd injuries in March, which disrupted team chemistry.

Just look around and see what happened to teams who traded away a star player or two, and/or who moved on from a successful coach: Chicago Bulls moving on from Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen and Phil Jackson (while they still had a few years of good play/good coaching left in them); Utah Jazz moving on from Deron Williams and Jerry Sloan; Houston Rockets moving on from Mike D'Antoni and James Harden; OKC Thunder moving on from Russell Westbrook and Billy Donovan; Portland Trailblazers moving on from Terry Stotts and CJ McCollum; Indiana Pacers moving on from Paul George; San Antonio Spurs moving on from Kawhi Leonard. In most cases, either those teams became very bad almost immediately, or started on a downward path to gradually and painfully become more and more mediocre over the next few years, until forced to completely rebuild. There are some exceptions--but they are few and far between.

A much smarter, more rational path would be to tweak the supporting cast around the three Jazz stars (Donovan, Rudy and Quin), such as San Antonio did for years--around Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Gregg Popovich--or as the Utah Jazz did for years around Karl Malone, John Stockton and Jerry Sloan (to a lesser degree).

As many have correctly pointed out, Rudy Gobert, Donovan Mitchell and Quin Snyder are clearly what's most right and good about the Jazz, not what's wrong with the Jazz. So, if it's not broke, don't fix it! If the team has to be "fixed" to some degree after the season, please do so by replacing some less good, complementary players, and for heavens sake, don't fire the second most successful coach the Jazz has ever had (and who is not done winning yet).

Moreover, even though the Jazz has recently been blowing 20 point leads in order to lose games to a whole host of teams--both good and bad--which has been very frustrating for almost everyone who cares about the Jazz, let's wait and see how the season plays out. And, even if it plays out poorly, that's still no excuse or reason to trade away either of the Jazz's star players or to fire the Jazz's star coach. Rather, just make some less drastic, more rational adjustments to the team, and get back on track.

So . . . JUST SHUT THE HELL UP ALREADY . . . about moving on from Donovan, Rudy or Quin--rather, let's hold onto all three of them for dear life as long as we possibly can.

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