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New York Knicks not able to trade for Donovan Mitchell?

It doesn’t look like the Knicks are able to offer enough for Mitchell

Utah Jazz v New York Knicks Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

According to Jake Fischer, the New York Knicks' interest in Donovan Mitchell might not be enough to outbid other teams if Mitchell demanded a trade.

It’s very clear that the Knicks would like Donovan Mitchell in a trade. The issue is Mitchell has three years left on his contract which makes him valuable to everyone in the league and that makes a Knicks offer less appealing considering what the Jazz could likely get elsewhere.

League sources regularly mention New York’s main offseason focus is to improve at the point guard position, but acquiring Utah’s other All-Star, Donovan Mitchell, remains highly unlikely. Even if Mitchell were to ultimately request a trade from the Jazz, he still has three full years committed on his contract before a player option in 2025-26. Plus, there’s healthy skepticism around the NBA that New York’s best offer for Mitchell would trump other teams’ pursuits, such as a potential package from Miami that would theoretically center around Tyler Herro plus other salary and multiple first-round picks.

Get used to seeing trade rumors from New York for Mitchell, but also get used to not a lot happening unless the Knicks decide to trade everything they have, including picks, or find a 3rd party that’s willing to jump in. Otherwise, Donovan Mitchell will be in a Jazz uniform in the near future, and for some time.