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The good, the bad, and the purple - taking a look at the new Utah Jazz jerseys

The Utah Jazz released new jerseys and they were met with mixed reaction, but how good or bad were they?

Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz released their new jersey collection yesterday, and it was met with a mixed reaction. Our own Calving Chappell already did a great job covering the jerseys and the release, go read that before you watch this! For this, I wanted to go through and discuss some of the things I liked and didn’t like, and I think it might be a lot better than people think!

I also went through it and looked at what might have led to some of the decisions with the jerseys and what the next steps might be for getting a different jersey. Even though this is about the jerseys, it’s not just about the jerseys!

I also went in and talked about the court design and how that will look with the new jerseys, which is the thing that might make people change their minds about them. The contrasting colors of these are what give these some potential, even though the jerseys themselves come with a mixed reaction at best.