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All of the recent Utah Jazz free agency and trade rumors

The Utah Jazz are active in trade talks and free agency

2022 NBA Playoffs - Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Even though the Utah Jazz didn’t make any moves to get into the draft, it doesn’t mean they haven’t been active. They just a new head coach in Will Hardy, hired a new associate GM in David Fizdale, and are in almost every trade rumor out there. It’s one of the most important offseasons for the Jazz to figure out their future with each choice having major consequences. Right now, DraftKings currently has the Jazz as the 8th most likely team to win the title. What they do in the next few days will tell us whether they move up or down in those rankings.

Here’s a collection of all those different rumors.

The Jazz are still connected to the Atlanta and John Collins?

This may be a fluid situation but it’s clear that the Hawks are interested in Rudy Gobert. But with the Atlanta Hawks recently trading for Dejounte Murray they likely don’t have the resources needed to make an offer for Rudy Gobert, but they may be able to get another one of the Jazz’s starters ... which leads us to our next rumor.

The Jazz are close to trading one of their starters?

Tony Jones was recently on ESPN 700 and talked about the likelihood of a Rudy Gobert trade. He said that he was 50/50 on whether a trade for Gobert might happen, but he did say that he thinks a trade for one of the Jazz’s starters may happen soon, although he didn’t say the name. Will we find out soon?

Have talks ramped up with the Toronto Raptors and the Utah Jazz again?

The constant rumor that hasn’t been put out has been the Raptors interest in Gobert. As the interest from Atlanta waned, it never died down with the Raptors. It could mean nothing, but it’s clear they like Gobert but maybe they aren’t as interested in paying the pricetag that Ainge has put out there. If there’s one thing we’ve learned this offseason it’s that Ainge holds to his price point with a player. If the other team isn’t willing to meet the asking amount, Ainge won’t make a move. Things are about to get crazy, but we’ll see here soon if something actually happens.

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