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SLC Dunk Podcast: Talking about the Rudy Gobert trade, the Will Hardy addition, and what’s next with Donovan Mitchell

The Utah Jazz have done a lot this offseason, and we talked about it!

Minnesota Timberwolves Introduce Rudy Gobert Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

The SLC Dunk Podcast is back! After one of the biggest trades in Utah Jazz history, we felt the need to bring back the podcast. The goal is for this to be a weekly pod, hosted by James Hansen or Calvin Chappell, and we plan to include all of the SLC Dunk writers when we can. You can find the podcast on all of the main podcast feeds. Please listen, subscribe, and review!

Today we talked about the big news. The Rudy Gobert trade to the Minnesota Timberwolves. After a really rough year for the Jazz and their fans, it was clear that changes were coming, and come they did. This trade was shocking to a lot of people because of the massive return that Utah received for Gobert. Not many players have ever been traded for that much draft equity.

We discussed how, for the Jazz, this was the big sign that they are no longer looking to compete for a title right now. The “win-now” mode has been pushed back. The question is, how far back has it been pushed? Will Utah build around Mitchell, or will they flip him for another massive trade package?

Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz - Game Six Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Next, we talked about the Utah Jazz’ new head coach, Will Hardy, and our optimism around the hire. His acumen is outstanding, and his reputation is even better. Was he brought in with the knowledge that he’d be heading up a rebuild?

Utah Jazz Introduce Will Hardy as Head Coach Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

We also talked a bit about the expectations fans should have for the future. While we still don’t know what this team will look like in the coming season. We do know a few things. Drafts, trade deadlines, and offseasons will be a whole lot more exciting now. And while the postseason may not be attainable right now, we’ll get to look at draft prospects again. We’ll get excited about young players again and debate who should be getting more minutes. We’ll watch young guys grow into NBA players. The championship window closed on the last team, but it will open again. Next time, maybe the Jazz will be better prepared.