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The Utah Jazz are willing to listen to trade offers for Donovan Mitchell

2022 NBA Free Agency is looking to be even more explosive for the Utah Jazz and Donovan Mitchell

Dallas Mavericks v Utah Jazz - Game Six Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the Utah Jazz are showing willingness to listen to trade offers for Donovan Mitchell.

For a while, the Jazz had been putting out the message that they were looking to build around Donovan Mitchell. Now, it’s clear that they are definitely willing to make a trade happen, but it will take a steep price to do it. We saw this with Rudy Gobert earlier this month when the Jazz were saying publicly that they were willing to go into the season with Gobert, sometime later Gobert was traded. It seems like we’re seeing the same scenario with Donovan Mitchell.

From Woj’s article, it looks like the Jazz are ready to find the best offer possible for Mitchell:

The asking price appears to be steep, but in the wake of Utah’s recent Rudy Gobert blockbuster deal to Minnesota, the Jazz are no longer simply dismissing calls on Mitchell, sources said.

Mitchell should grab a huge treasure trove of assets. Remember, he has three years left on his deal and is just now entering his prime.

According to Tony Jones, the worst kept secret was that the Knicks are a team to watch as a potentially interested candidate for Donovan Mitchell.

We’ve seen rumors with the Knicks for close to a year, if not earlier. The fact that they were working hard early to get Jalen Brunson from the Mavericks, makes it hard to assume they are just not putting a trade together. But who knows!

Speaking of Knicks assets, they do have young players that could be great for a possible trade.

Things are about to get nuts in Utah, and over the next few weeks, and it’s looking like it might officially be tanking season for the Jazz. Here’s to a season, or two, of #tanknote!