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Celebrate the #tanknote season with the all new #tanknote tshirt from BreakingT

It’s your chance to embrace the Utah Jazz tank with #tanknote

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With the recent news that the Utah Jazz will be open for offers for Donovan Mitchell, it’s clear that the Utah Jazz should embrace #tanknote. You can too with the new and improved #tanknote T-Shirt! It includes the Jazz’s new purple colors for this season. It’s the rebrand of the rebrand!

With this shirt you can be all-in on the upcoming season of losing games to go after the coveted #1 pick and potential superstar, Victor Wembanyama. Who is Wembanyama, you ask? He’s just the best prospect we’ve seen in years.

In case you missed it a few years ago, here’s Wembanyama playing one on one with Rudy Gobert one on one.

Honestly, the writing has been on the wall for this since the Jazz hired Danny Ainge. He knows what he’s doing in these negotiations and he’s already destroyed the market with a bonkers trade for Rudy Gobert trade. It now appears he’s doing the same thing with Donovan Mitchell and it’s absolutely the right move. Utah was going nowhere last season, are incredibly old, and had a cornerstone in Donovan Mitchell that seems to be the root of every trade rumor out there. The Jazz are reacting at the right time, in the right way.