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Utah Jazz trade rumors: the latest with Donovan Mitchell

2022 free agency has been crazy for the Jazz as every trade rumor possible has been out there

2022 NBA Playoffs - Utah Jazz v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Cooper Neill/NBAE via Getty Images

For a team coming into free agency with no cap space or picks, the Utah Jazz have been the center of the BA news cycle. After the woj bomb just yesterday, the Jazz have likely been receiving calls from teams trying to find a way to pry Donovan Mitchell away from the Jazz.

Since then, the rumors have been flying. Here’s a collection of the latest rumors.

Is a multi-team trade forming?

On ESPN, Woj reiterated his report that the Jazz were now open to listening to offers and discussed the possibility of a multi-team trade happening.

We also saw on ESPN a multi-team trade being floated around.

It’s clear that the media tour for the trade is happening, the question is who is pushing these rumors, and what’s the purpose?

It’s been reported that the Jazz would be expected to receive offers from the Knicks for Donovan Mitchell, a team that has coveted the star guard for some time.

Could this be to put pressure on the Knicks to cave on some sort of demand? Or just create urgency to get the trade done quickly? Who knows, but it’s clear that there is a lot of posturing going on.

Does this mean it’s just a matter of semantics at this point with the trade? We’ll find out soon.

Do the Jazz really think that you can win a title with Donovan Mitchell as the core guy?

It’s been two days since this was floated around, but it’s not a surprise to find out that Danny Ainge may not believe that Donovan Mitchell can be the face of a championship contender.

If this is the case, and the Jazz’s goal is to win a title, then it’s only a matter of time until a trade happens.

Is a Mike Conley trade happening soon?

It’s not just Donovan Mitchell rumors out there, but it looks like there might be a Mike Conley trade brewing.

It looks like the Cavs are trying to find a way to recoup something for Sexton, who is likely on his way out. Something like this may not happen until a Donovan Mitchell trade happens, though. Simply because Utah has to solidify their direction before they make ancillary moves like this. It’s also not clear how this would look because the Jazz seem to be doing everything they can to add picks to their collection of assets. One thing is for sure, fireworks are going to keep happening as the Jazz continue to make moves this offseason.