Donovan to Pacers?

Projected Trade:

Pacers Receive: Donovan Mitchell
Jazz Receive: 6 First Round Draft Picks, 3 first round pick swaps, 3 Second Round Draft Picks, 4-30 million dollars worth of players salaries

The Indiana Pacers offered Deandre Ayton a max contract illustrating they are in the market for a good young player. Unfortunately for the Pacers, the Suns matched the offer so Ayton will remain a Sun. The sports media is pushing for Donovan to land in New York and is acting as if no one can come close. The Pacers have all their own first round picks, plus Boston's and Cleveland's first round for 2023 they can offer. In addition, the Pacers have 3 second round picks that are owed to them from other teams including the Jazz's 2027. The Pacers are $26 million under the salary cap and Donovan's Salary is $30 million. Therefore, in order to make the trade happen, the Jazz only need to take on $4 million in salary for players, but could take on up to $30 million in salaries. Do the Jazz just want picks or would they rather have Buddy Hield and/or Myles Turner (who the Pacers obviously are trying to move on from by offering Ayton)? What do you think? If anything, it provides a competitor to the Knicks.

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