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Utah Jazz sign Johnny Juzang to a two-way contract

Johnny Juzang has a chance to be a rotation player in the NBA with his combination of talent and skill

2022 NBA Summer League - Toronto Raptors v Utah Jazz Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz signed Johnny Juzang to a two-way contract, details of the contract were not released.

Juzang picked up by the team on draft night and has shown promise in his short time with the team. Juzang has a nice stroke and has shown it off in summer league with a nice shooting stroke and an ability to do a variety of things while he's on the floor. We’ll see how he develops now that he has the two-way contract, there’s a lot of reasons to like his potential.

Being 6’7” right off the bat makes Juzang a solid prospect. It’s interesting that Juzang went undrafted in the recent draft, because he was slated to be drafted the year before but decided to go back to college after seeing where he’d be drafted. He returned to UCLA where he helped lead the Bruins to the sweet 16. In college, Juzang showed an ability to score in a myriad of ways which helped him lead the team in scoring. He has nice touch and is quicker than you’d think off the dribble. Because he’s not super athletic, his skill is going to have to be high. His size and skillset is reminiscent of Georges Niang. If he can become a knockdown three-point shooter like Niang, he should have a very solid NBA career. For him to get there, he’s going to likely spend a lot of time with the Salt Lake City Stars, something Niange did and we know how much it helped him.

The other thing he’ll have to prove is that he can be a plus defender in the NBA, no small task. If he can do those things, then the Jazz have a potential find. Now is when the work begins for Juzang.