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SLC Dunk Podcast: Will Donovan Mitchell get traded to the Knicks?

Memphis Grizzlies v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Welcome back to the SLC Dunk Podcast! Although we’re all still waiting for the big news to drop, rumors are flying. Will Donovan Mitchell be traded to the New York Knicks? If so, when? James and Calvin discussed the possibilities of that rumored trade and the young prospects involved, including Obi Toppin and Quenton Grimes.

Denver Nuggets v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz roster is still a massive question mark. There’s no clear starting center. Most of the veterans on the team are in constant trade rumors. Nobody can predict who will be suiting up for Utah when the season begins. That didn’t stop us from trying, though! We go through the roster and predict who will remain when the season begins. Danny Ainge has made it clear that he is prioritizing first-round picks and young prospects in his deals. So when a playoff team comes knocking, asking for Jordan Clarkson, Bojan Bogdanovic, or Mike Conley, one has to assume the Jazz are listening. If first-round picks are to be had, Ainge will talk.

We also discussed the players Utah received in the Rudy Gobert trade. How good of a prospect is Jarred Vanderbilt? How valuable is Malik Beasley? Who might be a good fit for Patrick Beverly?

Other topics we talked about include Collin Sexton as a potential sign-and-trade candidate for Utah and the possibility of the Jazz taking on Russell Westbrook’s contract in order to get some picks from the Lakers.

The Utah Jazz have something they haven’t had in a long time: flexibility. They have a lot of different directions they can go with this roster. So far, they’ve chosen to stock up on draft picks and try their hand with young prospects. If they later decide to pivot and trade some of these assets for a star player, they have that ability. They can slow-play this and see what materializes. We’re just happy to be along for the ride and anxious to see what comes next.