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Is it time for the Utah Jazz to go into a full rebuild?

Let us know what you think the direction of the Utah Jazz should be this offseason with NBA Reacts

Utah Jazz Introduce Will Hardy as Head Coach Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz find themselves at a major crossroads as a franchise now that they’ve traded one of their franchise cornerstones, Rudy Gobert.

With that trade behind then, on top of trading Royce O’Neale and hiring Will Hardy as their new head coach, the Jazz have said publicly that they plan on re-tooling around Donovan Mitchell. Although, what’s said in public isn’t always what happens. For example, for weeks the Jazz had made it clear they were fine bringing Rudy Gobert back for the following season ... until they didn’t.

If you were Danny Ainge, what would you do? Is the right move to build around Donovan Mitchell now that Rudy Gobert is gone? Or is it time to do a full re-build?

(Side note, at what point did it become the politically correct thing to say re-build instead of tank? We all know what we’re saying but we have to choose between the the double RRs?)

With this reacts, we want to find out from you, the fans, what you think should be the next move. Put yourself in Danny Ainge’s shoes and think about what is best for the Utah Jazz. On the one hand you have a highly marketable all-star who has the potential to be one of the elite scorers in the league. But after the last 3 seasons, there’s been nothing to give any sort of hope that Mitchell can be a good defender. Now, that could be the product of a bad locker room situation, and a coaching staff that didn’t seem to give any sort of accountability to players. Can Mitchell take things to another level next season? That’s the big question, and the thing that will influence the Jazz more than anything.

All things considered, these are some of the biggest questions in the history of the franchise that have to be answered, so take it serious, okay!

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