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More insights about the Donovan Mitchell trade discussions between the Jazz and Knicks

This is a Donovan Mitchell trade rumor blog now

Utah Jazz v New York Knicks Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Another day, another trade rumor involving Donovan Mitchell to the Knicks. This one is interesting as it comes from Marc Berman, someone with close ties to the New York Knicks organization.

It’s clear this is a trade negotiation with both sides using the media to create some sort of leverage and this is just another one of those leverage leaks. Here’s some of the most interesting tidbits from this one.

Apparently, the Knicks were turned off by Danny Ainge’s initial request.

According to multiple industry sources, the Knicks were turned off by Utah team president Danny Ainge’s initial demands, when he asked in July for a package of seven first-round picks and players. Talks died, but recently there has been renewed back-and-forth.

The question I have about this quote is how long ago was this request? Was this before the Woj bomb that said the Utah Jazz were open to offers for Donovan Mitchell?

The Knicks believe Mitchell would add 10 wins to their season.

Adding Mitchell, they believe, would be good enough for a 10-game leap to 47 victories. That would put them straight into the playoffs as viable second-round threats.

This is a solid addition for the Knicks. Having a young superstar in New York like Donovan Mitchell would make the Knicks fun again. But they won’t just be fun, adding 10 wins means they’re a consistent playoff team for years, and if there’s one things the Knicks need, it’s some consistency.

Tom Thibodeau is a fan of Donovan Mitchell

Coach Tom Thibodeau is still keenly interested in making Mitchell a Knick and has recently laid low, knowing the offseason work isn’t complete.

This could be a driving force for the Jazz in trade discussions. And if Thibs is pushing hard for Mitchell, he’s going to be pushing hard come trading camp. You can bet that he’ll want to get Mitchell up to speed with his systems sooner than later.

The clock is ticking as training camp draws near, we’ll see if this actually happens and what pieces actually get moved.