Jazz Pivot?

There are rumors that a team has offered 3 picks for OG Anunoby and that the Raptors might blow it up. If you don't know, OG is one of the very best non-center defenders in the league. He is also a decent and improving 3pt shooter.

While the Jazz as a team have an amazing offense, they are a middling defensive team, particularly lacking quality guard/wing defense.

Could it be a good idea for the Jazz to pivot from being sellers at the deadline to becoming buyers?

The Jazz could offer up 3 first round picks (they have 13 over the next 7 drafts) and a number of different player combinations to acquire OG. The picks could be the l"esser" picks of drafts with multiple picks. If the Raptors blow it up, they'll be interested in expiring or smaller contracts- which could include Beasely alone, or Gay in combo with another player(s).

How good could a Conley/Sexton, JC, OG, Markk, Kessler lineup be? The Jazz would still have pretty good depth too. They would also still have upwards of 10 picks over the next seven drafts after this deal.

There have also been rumors of the Jazz interested in John Collins. They could realistically acquire both OG and Collins. Do you think a (point guard)/OG/Markk/Collins/Kessler lineup could work? If so, how good could it be?

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