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NBA Trade Rumor: Los Angeles Lakers interested in Mike Conley?

It looks like the Lakers are looking to pair someone up with LeBron James

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

According to Eric Pincus of Bleacher Report, the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in the Utah Jazz’s Mike Conley.

Here’s what Pincus had to say:

Conley’s contract is favorable, with $14.3 million of $24.4 million guaranteed next season. The same (real or wannabe) contenders are thought to have interest, among others: the Lakers, Clippers and Timberwolves.

While the younger VanVleet holds broader appeal, Conley, 35 would undoubtedly come at a lower price for teams lacking (or unwilling to part with) draft assets.

It does make sense the Lakers would be interested in Mike Conley with the shooting and playmaking he’d bring. Having just traded for Rui Hachimura, the Lakers would be smart to upgrade again if they’re looking to contend for a title, especially with Anthony Davis getting healthy again.

With the knockdown three-point shooting from Conley, along with his ability to be a secondary playmaker, this move would make a lot of sense. The question will be, what will it take to pry Conley away from the Jazz?

This isn’t the only place that hints at a deal like this. Brian Windhorst also mentioned the Lakers are looking for a guard.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and it appears there is a lot of fire coming from Lakerland as they look to take advantage of having one of the best players in history on their roster. It would be a shame to waste another season of LeBron James just so they can preserve picks multiple years from now. All the Lakers have to do is get on the phone with Ainge, and they could likely get a deal done.

For the Jazz, this would be the opportunity to get more assets while also trying to improve their standings in the lottery. Utah is hovering around .500, and the more they wait around, the less likely it will be that they either get a good lottery pick or do anything substantial in the playoffs, if they even make the play-in tournament.