Utah Jazz's Adaptive Approach to Lineups: Coach's Insight


In a recent game against Sacramento, the Utah Jazz attempted to take advantage of their deep backcourt by frequently fielding lineups with four guards alongside one big player. However, the results didn't quite meet their expectations. Head coach Will Hardy shared his thoughts on the experiment, saying, "The speed of the smaller lineup feels good and looks good in practice because there are times where you're like, 'Man, they're really moving and they're pressuring the ball!' And then you get in a game, and it's not quite the same. You find out, 'Man, we didn't rebound well, and offensively it was just OK.'" In the subsequent game against the Clippers, the Jazz made a noticeable change by using three-guard lineups but refraining from deploying four guards simultaneously. When asked about this adjustment, Hardy provided valuable insights into his coaching approach. Cowboy Channel