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John Collins baptizes Bismack Biyombo with ferocious dunk

This John Collins dunk on an alley-oop pass from Keyonte George is the highlight of the year

Utah Jazz Social

We have a highlight of the year for the Utah Jazz, and it comes from John Collins baptizing Bismack Biyombo. Here are all the looks, enjoy them in all their glory.

Here’s the reaction from Bleacher Report.

Here’s a great shot from Ben Anderson.

If you didn’t know, it’s dunks like this that earned the office of Baptist for John Collins. He’s a ferocious dunker, he just needs the perfect pass to do it. The witness to this? Keyonte George, who served up the alley-oop in the absolute perfect position. It doesn’t happen if the ball is too short because Biyombo can knock it away. If it’s too high, it’s out of reach. This was just an incredible pass that made this happen.