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Latest Utah Jazz News: Lowe Post and Ringers Top 10 Rookies

Keyonte George and Lauri Markkanen are the subject of subject of interest for the NBA with the Utah Jazz

Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

The Utah Jazz have been turning things around lately and it’s all coincided with the rise of Keyonte George as he’s taken over as the starting point guard for the Utah Jazz. What’s great is the national media is starting to take notice.

The Ringer

First, here are the latest rookie rankings from The Ringer. Spoiler, they currently have Keyonte George at #7.

You should go read the whole thing because it’s great, but here’s a snippet of what J. Kyle Man said:

Utah is a team in talent acquisition mode. If you imagine its roster as a crate of vinyl, you might thumb through it and think, “I kinda like that. … That’s fun. … Oooh, that’s pretty good, actually.” It’s a workable group of ideas that could still use some mixing and matching to make it flow seamlessly. If Keyonte can build upon some very impressive displays of live-dribble passing reads and great touch, he could become a player to build around rather than another fun project.

The Lowe Post

Zach Lowe also talked about Keyonte George with Mo Dakhil of Bleacher Report and The Athletic.

The talk about Keyonte George starts around the 1:20:00 mark where they discuss just how good he’s been as a passer, give it a listen!

But the other interesting element is that Zach Lowe begins discussing the future of this Jazz team and, namely, Lauri Markkanen. Lowe talks about how he may be hitting the peak of what he is as a player. To Lowe, he sees Markkanen as an All-Star but not necessarily as an All-NBA player and he’d love to know what the Jazz front office has as it’s goal over the next few seasons.

It’s an interesting conversation and one that begs the question, could the Jazz get the assets that could lead to an All-NBA player with a Markkanen trade, or can they find “that guy” through other means? As the season goes on, we’ll find out what the Jazz intend to do.