Jazz need to use big man Yurtseven & Brice Sensabaugh!

What good are Yurtseven and Sesabaugh doing on the bench or in the G-Leagu! Yurtseven needs to be used as the starting center until Kessler comes Back. Then he is on the 2nd unit. Olynyk is getting older and slower by the game. sensabaugh is a better solution at small forward then Fontecchio, THT or Agbaji.

Yurtseven Collins Markkana Clarkson & George

Olynyk Samanic Sensabaugh Agbaji Sexton When Kessler comes back, Yurtseven to 2nd unit and Semanic to Bench!

Sit THT down!!! Trade him with Dunn and Fontecchio and picks for a decent big forward and a cheaper point guard!

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