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Utah Jazz draft rumor: Jazz scouts are watching Alex Sarr

It looks like the Utah Jazz are covering their bases for the 2024 NBA draft

NBL Rd 3 - Perth Wildcats v Melbourne United Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images

According to Krysten Peek, Utah Jazz scouts are on hand to watch Melbourne United play the Perth Wildcats. Why would that be? To watch 7-1 French center, Alex Sarr play.

Sarr is an intriguing prospect in draft filled with not much to be intrigued about. Considering that we’re early in the season it’s very likely that boards can change, but currently on Tankathon’s big board Sarr is slated to go #5.

Sarr has the measurements and athleticism to be intriguing in any draft year, but with how open this draft is it’s hard to see a guy with this much upside not going high.

But why is this interesting? Well, the Jazz have indicated they’re trying to win this year and if they don’t land in the bottom 10, they won’t get their first round pick and it goes to the Thunder. Considering how frustrating the beginning of the season has been, that plan might be changing. It’s certainly something to watch as the season goes along, but the Jazz might be looking at top ten prospects much more often if they don’t figure out this season quickly.