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Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls recap: Basketball was played

Jazz get blown out by a middling Chicago Bulls team

Utah Jazz v Chicago Bulls Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Jazz played basketball today. Do we need to talk about anything else? I guess we probably should. Jazz lost a doozy to the not-that-good Chicago Bulls 130-113. The Jazz couldn’t get a stop all game, the Jazz missed a few shots and it progressively got uglier and uglier. There are a couple of bright spots and a couple of low lights. Let’s hit a couple and call it a night.

Bright spot #1

Lauri is that guy! 29 points on 15 shots and 5-12 from deep is spooky efficient. He’s becoming an absolute nightmare for opposing defenses. Think of Klay Thompson on the perimeter but with a post-up and a lob threat. Karl Anthony Towns has self-declared himself the best big man shooter ever, Lauri has started to make this a conversation. Lastly, on our bright spot #1, Lauri is becoming a leader. Holly Rowe brought up his leadership a few days ago, it’s being noticed. I’ve watched him lift teammates up, apologize for bad play, and take real control of our offense. It’s noticed and impressive, Lauri is our best player.

Low light #1

Our defense ain’t it. Bulls haven’t scored over 130 this season, they shot 51% from the field, and almost 53% three. What else needs to be said here? Schematically it didn’t look great, the effort was spotty, and I think overall the Jazz just didn’t play defense tonight.

Bright spot #2

Change is most likely gonna have to come. Jazz are now 2-6, our defense has looked really bad, and most importantly the guard play has been bad. That’s probably not how a bright spot should start. But being this bad makes me become more and more sure that change is necessary. The pressure should hopefully move the coaches to more Keyonte George minutes, maybe even starting.

Low light #2

The whole game, we don’t need to say more about it.

Bright spot #3

Walker Kessler looked a lot more comfortable in this game. He stepped out and hit a corner 3, had 4 blocks, 15 rebounds, and had much better body language. As I said in my last recap, let’s give Kessler more time in just his 2nd season.


Not the best night, but we’ve got 74 more games to go. I look forward to more Jazz basketball, more opportunities to write with SLC Dunk, and the continued serotonin boost I get from my communication with you Jazz fans.

Next up:

Jazz face the red-hot Pacers on Wednesday.