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NBA Trade Rumors: Jordan Clarkson and John Collins Potentially on the Trading Block?

Andy Larsen Reported That Several Utah Jazz players are Trade Candidates.

LA Clippers v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

The Utah Jazz need a roster shake-up to either become more competitive or to help the teams young core pieces develop. Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune reported that the Jazz front office will listen to trade offers for five Utah players in particular.

Those five players are Talen Horton-Tucker, Collin Sexton, Kelly Olynyk, John Collins, and fan favorite Jordan Clarkson. There is a sense of frustration in the teams guard play. The three mentioned guards poor shot selection and reluctance to pass have been the teams main issue. Kelly Olynyk has defensive limitations but his elite floor spacing and passing make him an appealing trade candidate for a contender. Olynyk is 32 and does not fit the teams timeline.

Utah Jazz v Oklahoma City Thunder Photo by Joshua Gateley/Getty Images

Starting shooting guard, Jordan Clarkson is the only player remaining from the Donavon Mitchell/Rudy Gobert era. His on-court swagger, successful seasons as a microwave scorer, and love for the community has made him a fan favorite. Trading Jordan Clarkson would be a tough hit for the community, but he is 31, having a poor season, and is not acting like a leader for the young guys. Clarkson’s unique, front-loaded contract makes him an ideal trade candidate for a team looking to contend next year.

The other starter potentially on the trading block is new acquisition, John Collins. Collins still has not acclimated himself into the teams system. Collins is not the 20 and 10 guy he was a few years ago but he shouldn’t be regressing, he should be entering his prime. Collins has the physical tools to be a great defender but has not made that jump. John has provided the team with good shooting and rebounding but he is not considered a core piece moving forward.

Will the Jazz make a trade or two, likely, will all of these players be traded, doubtful. Comment below who you think will be traded.