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Jazz fall to the Kings 104-125

Keegan Murray goes Curry mode on the Jazz

Utah Jazz v Sacramento Kings Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images
Lake Hale Lake Hale is a staff writer for SLC Dunk, covering the Utah Jazz since 2022. He currently is a communications major at Utah Valley University and has been watching Jazz games since he was 9 years old

The Utah Jazz lost to the Sacramento Kings 125-104 on Saturday night. The game wasn’t close for most of the game as Sacramento shot a wild 49% from 3 on 45 attempts. The Jazz fall to 9-17 on the season, the Kings 15-9. The short-handed Jazz did the best they could without Keyonte George, John Collins, and more. There were a couple of highlights, let’s get into a couple of them.

Taylor Hendricks

A +8 in a 21-point loss is very hard to do, the rookie plays so hard on defense, and you can already see glimpses of what he might be. At the same time, Hendricks shot 2-5 from 3 and 4-5 from the free throw line. I get the feeling he’s done enough to see regular-season minutes for the rest of the season hopefully.

Collin Sexton

28 points on 18 shots for the “Young Bull”. Collin has done a lot with his starting minutes, his aggressive defense, frantic energy, and overall feel for the offense have been a game changer compared to bench Sexton.

Keegan Murray

I know this is a Jazz site but Sacramento Kings Keegan Murray had himself an all-time great night. Keegan shot 12-15 from 3 and scored a career-high 47 points! Greatness is greatness and deserves to be celebrated, especially one of the best shooting nights ever.

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