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From Woj: Plenty of teams interested in Lauri Markkanen

Everything depends on if another team will be willing to pay the price for Lauri Markkanen

Brooklyn Nets v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

If you haven’t joined one already, Wednesdays with Woj on Threads is now a thing. Each Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski holds a Q&A open to everyone, and each week I take the chance to ask what I’m most interested in each time. The biggest topic right now for the Utah Jazz is Lauri Markkanen and what will happen with him this trade deadline. It’s not likely anything will happen, but there are still little bits of information coming out that make you wonder.

Anyway, I asked Woj, and he answered, here’s what he said.

According to Woj, plenty of teams are interested in Markkanen, but Utah values him a great, great deal. It’s not much of a difference than what we’ve heard before, but now we know that there are plenty of teams interested. With Markkanen having one of the most tradable contracts at just $17M, it makes him much more possible for teams to match salary. He also plays off the ball and can play with any star in the league. Name the team, Markkanen fits. With the ease of a trade possibility, there may be more teams out there willing to make a move just because they can. But, like has already been said, it’s not very likely this happens. That said, this is Danny Ainge.

Here’s what we know. Utah is willing to listen to other teams wanting a trade and we know the cost of a potential trade. At this point we’re not hearing anything until something else happens. Very few trades happen in December and with Christmas coming, NBA front offices may be going on vacation. With NBA trade deadline being February 8 this year, it’s likely two more months of rumors until we see if the Jazz do anything at all.