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How good are the Utah Jazz statistically?

Are the Utah Jazz a good team statistically?

Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

With the Utah Jazz having played 20 games, there’s some not-so-small sample size now that tells us a story of who the Jazz are statistically and what they try to do as a team. Here are some statistical benchmarks that let us know just how good they are and the possibility of what they can become.

The Jazz are doing a great job shooting 3s

According to, the Jazz are #8 in the NBA in three point attempts. The offense is getting the right shots, the Jazz just have to start hitting them. This is going to improve in a variety of ways. The first is easy, things will improve when Lauri Markkanen gets back. The other ways are not so easy, they need to improve their shooting with development like with Keyonte George and Ochai Agabaji shooting outside of the corner. They’ll also improve if they make a trade that keeps high-volume, low-efficiency shooters from getting shots.

The Jazz are doing a good job passing the ball

Utah also ranks #8 in assists per game. The Jazz are moving the ball this season and it’s creating shots, the issue with this will be can the Jazz find a way to get more makes. This stat correlates with Lauri Markkanen on the floor, when he gets back to the Jazz starting lineup, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this stat go up.

The Jazz are an elite rebounding team

Utah is #2 in the NBA in rebounding and are the #1 team in the league at offensive rebounds. The Jazz have great size and are taking advantage by getting offensive rebounds and scoring the ball off of those offensive rebounds. It’s clear this is an objective of the team and something the Jazz focus on. If they continue to get this high level of play from Walker Kessler recently, they’ll continue to dominate offensive rebounds and wear out teams that don’t rebound well.

The Jazz are not scoring the ball efficiently

Utah is #27 in the league in fg%. That’s a very general stat but the best teams in the league are leading in this category. Utah has to figure out how to get better percentages here but it’s not clear how they’ll do it. They’ve struggled to score the ball this season and a lot of that comes from selfish isolation plays from their veteran guards. For them to improve it’ll take some sort of trade to get better, as well as the development of their young players.

The Jazz are turning the ball over more than anyone in the league

It’’s been the story of the season and for good reason, the Utah Jazz are dead last in turnovers at 17.7 per game. The second-worst team? The Detroit Pistons who are on a 17-game losing streak. The good news about this one is this can get better, it’s something they can work on. The more they hold onto the ball, the more they should improve record-wise. That said, old habits die hard and it’s hard to see some of these players getting that much better.