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Keyonte George is excited about Taylor Hendricks, and you should be too

The Utah Jazz have some exciting rookies that are going to turn heads soon

Portland Trail Blazers v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

Eric Walden of the Salt Lake Tribune had a great article about Keyonte George and his thoughts on Taylor Hendricks’ debut for the Utah Jazz.

“Defensively, I think he’s going to be a monster,” said fellow rookie Keyonte George. “Help side, on-ball — he’s coming in to himself as a player. I texted him the other day and just told him to be ready. I’ve been seeing what he’s been doing with the Stars; I think that that could come into play with us — being that guy that comes in, go guard the best player, frustrate him, help-side go block the shot.”

There are a lot of things about this quote to digest. The first is how excited George is about Hendricks and what he brings to the Jazz. George know just how good he’s going to be defensively and I love that George is watching Hendricks’ games with the Stars. It means that George is thinking about the future of this team and what Hendricks can bring to it. It also shows the beginning of some chemistry there which portends very well for the future. Knowing that Keyonte George is the future at point guard, you can see how he sees the benefits of having guys on the floor and how he can use them.

The other exciting quote from this article comes from Collin Sexton who was also impressed by Hendricks’ defensive ability.

“Tonight he was able to switch 1 to 4, and he was able to cause havoc, and that’s what we needed,” he said.

Hendricks has first-team all defense ability and it already showed in his first game on the floor. Combine that with an elite shooting stroke and the potential to grow offensively, Hendricks can become quite the player for the Jazz.

Knowing how smart Keyonte George is, and how excited he is for Hendricks, it’s time for Jazz fans to start getting excited as well.