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Russell Westbrook in conversations with the Los Angeles Clippers

It looks like things may be coming to a resolution soon

Los Angeles Clippers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s been a week since Russell Westbrook became a part of the Utah Jazz in the trade centered around a lightly protected Lakers pick in 2027. When Westbrook came to the Jazz he wasn’t immediately waived and it was even reported he hadn’t ruled out playing for the Jazz.

Now that more time has passed there’s been some movement and yesterday we found out that Westbrook had been in communication with the Bulls, Clippers, Wizards, and Heat about potentially joining them after getting a buyout from Utah.

That list may be paired down. Today Shams Charania reported that Russell Westbrook and the LA Clippers have begun conversations.

If the Clippers bring on Westbrook it would be an interesting addition to the Clippers roster that has seen Kawhi Leonard returning to the lineup and playing at a very high level. As is always the question with Russell Westbrook is how will he gel with the players around him? Westbrook obviously has a history with Paul George from their days with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Would that relationship drive him to the Clippers and could that be a team makeup that could work? In the next few days we could find out.

There’s also a scenario where a buyout doesn’t occur. If that happens, it looks like he may just stay on the Jazz roster but never play a game.