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NBA Trade Deadline 2023: What to expect from the Utah Jazz

With the Utah Jazz seemingly in every NBA trade rumor, something is going to happen soon

Indiana Pacers v Utah Jazz Photo by Melissa Majchrzak/NBAE via Getty Images

With the NBA trade deadline on February 9th, there are only a few days left for the Utah Jazz to make good on a lot of the trade rumors they’ve been a part of. Here’s a preview of everything to expect from the Utah Jazz.

Players the Jazz might move

The question here is, who won’t be available from the Jazz? According to Marc Stein the Jazz have made it clear that the only untouchable players for a trade are Lauri Markkanen, Walker Kessler, and Ochai Agbaji.

This means that basically everyone on the Jazz can be had for the right price. The question is, what is that price?

The Jazz have requested 1st round picks for their players but will they back down on that level if the perfect trade doesn’t happen?

On Zach Lowe’s most recent pod with Tim MacMahon, MacMahon mentioned that he doesn’t know if Jarred Vanderbilt is going to get a 1st round pick. Although he did mention that he’s one of the most likely players to be traded.

It’s looking more likely that this might happen after today's news that the Portland Trail Blazers have emerged as a suitor for Jarred Vanderbilt.

The other player that’s likely to be traded is Malik Beasley. His name has been bandied about as someone multiple teams would be interested in. With Beasley’s shooting prowess, he’d be a great addition to any team looking for more shooting.

Finally, there’s Mike Conley, who has been mentioned as someone that the Clippers are interested in, although they’d be more interested in Fred VanVleet. Time MacMahon has also mentioned that Mike Conley is happy in Utah, but that the Clippers would be a team he’d be okay with joining.

Players the Jazz might trade for

It’s not players as much as it’s draft picks. Utah is at a crossroads as a team and needs to make a decision quickly for the rest of the year. It would not be hard for them to drop in the standings to position themselves for a better pick.

The Jazz have been linked to John Collins for a long time, as well as Dorian Finney-Smith. It’s hard to see those deals happening. Utah is not going to give up 1st round picks for role players, so it’s easy to see why there’s been a stalemate with any of those deals. There’s always a chance for a surprise move, but it’s more likely the Jazz seek 1st round picks than adding players.

DraftKings Odds

According to DraftKings the Jazz are more likely to miss the playoffs than to make them. Is that a sign that the Jazz will be making a trade soon? The Jazz’s season has been filled with big surprises, but a few trades could lead to the team’s ecosystem falling apart pretty quickly. It all depends on what happens between now and February 9th.

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