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Utah Jazz sign Frank Jackson and Kris Dunn

With the Russell Westbrook trade behind them, the Jazz are filling out their roster

2023 NBA All-Star - NBA G League Next Up Game Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

According to multiple sources, the Utah Jazz have signed Frank Jackson and Kris Dunn.

It’s reported that Frank Jackson was signed to a 10-day deal.

Jackson has been having a fantastic season for the Salt Lake City Stars and is an easy move to make sure the Jazz hit their roster minimum of players. Jackson has bounced around the league but has put up good numbers and if he plays well, there’s no reason he can’t possibly make the roster next year.

They Jazz are also signing Kris Dunn to the roster on a 10-day contract.

Dunn has also bounced around the league not able to find a home. The 5th overall pick looked like a defensive monster coming out of college but just never found a situation that he could develop properly. He’s also regularly struggled with injury. It’s a zero-risk move for a Jazz team that likely isn’t worried about racking up losses to finish the season. Is there a chance that one of these two players can be a reclamation project? Dunn is 28 while Jackson is 24, so it’s not out of the question that one of them could find a new home, albeit unlikely. Whatever happens, it should be interesting to see how these players get incorporated into the team.