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2023 Draft Scouting Profile: Scoot Henderson

Scoot is that guy!

Iowa Wolves v G League Ignite Photo by David Becker/NBAE via Getty Images

With the NBA Draft lottery behind us and the San Antonio Spurs locked in as the #1 pick, the Charlotte Hornets will have a tough decision ahead of them. Do they go with Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller? With LaMelo Ball already on the team, it makes it interesting, but Scott Henderson is one of those guys that’s good enough to consider bringing on as the best player available.

In his second season with the G-League Ignite, Henderson was given the reins to the team and showed why he was so highly touted with his physical prowess, sparkling talent, and firey demeanor. There were downsides, including injuries and some slumps and warts in different aspects of his game, but overall Henderson showed that he’s every bit the can’t-miss prospect everyone expects.


For the G-League Ignite last season:

Min: 30.7

Pts: 16.5

FG%: 42.9

3P%: 27.5

Reb: 5.3

Asst: 6.8

Stl: 1.1

Henderson measures in at 6’2” with a 6’9” wingspan. It’s not as tall as some would hope, but he has a +7 measurement, and his physical prowess and speed make him an absolute force.


Like I mentioned before, Henderson’s physical traits are great, with his 6’2” frame at 195 pounds and a +7 wingspan. Henderson is lightning quick on the open floor and has a tremendous first step he uses to blow by defenders or cutting to the basket. From day one, he will bend defenses as he works his way to the rim. In the open floor in transition, he’s lights out with his speed and explosive force when he goes for the dunk.

Henderson is also a gifted passer and will bend defenses and find the open man, whether it’s the big man inside or shooters on the wing. He’s also capable of creating an opening with his handle. He’ll hold his dribble like Steve Nash and patiently wait for an opening he either exploits for himself or makes the pass that takes advantage of a defensive mistake.

Finally, Henderson has shown an impressive pull-up jumpshot in the midrange while running pick and roll. It’s a Chris Paul-like go-to move that he’ll be able to use from the very start of his career. What makes Henderson exciting is that building off of that skillset looks inevitable. He’s improved as a shooter with more time and appears like he’ll become a three-level threat that combines incredible passing. He’s the real deal.


Henderson needs to improve his outside shooting. It’s the next level for him that will skyrocket him into the upper echelons of the NBA. If he can do that, the sky is the limit for what he can become. Although, that’s something he still has to prove. If he doesn’t bring along that shooting, he’ll still be an elite player along the lines of a Ja Morant. If the three-point shot comes along for him? He has a chance to be one of the great point guards of his era.

Should the Jazz trade up to get him?

If the Jazz have an opportunity to get him, they should do what they can to make that happen. Henderson, in many drafts, would be the #1 pick with his combination of talent and physical gifts. If Charlotte decides to take Brandon Miller and the Blazers are open for a move to compete with Damian Lillard, would the Jazz be willing to trade someone like Lauri Markkanen to get there? That’s what it would take, and there’s no telling if the Blazers would do that.

It’s a shame the Jazz didn't jump in the draft to get a shot at Henderson because he’s a special, special prospect that won’t disappoint.