5 Interesting Predictions For NBA 2023


The end of the current 2022/23 NBA Championship season is fast approaching, so here are five interesting NBA predictions for you.

They include things like which teams are most likely to win their upcoming matches and which team might win the NBA Championship title outright.

We will also be revealing which player is most likely to win the NBA Western Conference Finals MVP 2022/23, plus a couple of other predictions. Take a closer look at some of these predictions right here.

Top 5 interesting predictions for the NBA 2022/23

There are just a few conference final playoff games still to come, so here are five interesting predictions for you. They include the following:

  • Team most likely to win between Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics – Boston Celtics

  • Team most likely to win between the Denver Nuggets and Los Angeles Lakers – Denver Nuggets

  • Team most likely to win the NBA Championship 2022/23 – Denver Nuggets

  • Player most likely to win the Western Conference Finals MVP - Nikola Jokić

  • Team most likely to win by the highest points margin – Denver Nuggets

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What odds am I currently looking at for the outright NBA Championship winner?

If you were to place a bet right now on the Denver Nuggets to win the NBA Championship 2022/23 title, you would be looking at average odds of around 7/5 in the odds format commonly used in the UK.

Therefore, the Denver Nuggets have a 41.70% implied probability rate of actually achieving this. If you’re not too familiar with fractional odds, 7/5 is basically the same as saying 140 in American/moneyline odds or 2.40 in the standard European decimal odds format.

If the Nuggets slip up, who is the next team likely to win the title?

According to the bookies, the next most likely team to win the NBA Championship title if the Nuggets slip up are the Boston Celtics.

At the time of writing, they are priced at around 29/20 (which is 145 in America/moneyline odds and 2.45 in decimal odds). These odds give the Celtics a 40.80% chance of winning the title.

What are the latest odds for the NBA Western Conference Finals MVP (Most Valuable Player) 2022/23?

As mentioned, Nikola Jokić is the current odds-on favourite to win this ward. If you were to place a bet right now on him to be this year’s Most Valuable Player, you would be looking at average odds of around 2/5 (-250, or 1.40), with a 71.40% implied probability rate.

You also have Anthony Davis at 5/1 (500, or 6.00), with a 16.70% implied probability rate, Lebron James, who is also priced at 5/1 (500, or 6.00), and Jamal Murray at 14/1 (1,400, or 15.00), with only a 6.70% implied probability rate.

What to remember when trusting NBA predictions and using them to place bets

The thing to remember about some NBA predictions is that they are not always correct. You must also remember that when placing bets with odds that are overwhelmingly in favour of your bet, no bet is ever guaranteed to return a profit.

To place strategic bets on the NBA that are more likely to return you a profit, the best thing to do would be to stay up to date with as much of the latest NBA news and gossip as possible.

Get to know the stats and then use this data to help you place bets. Also, try to understand what the different betting markets are and what the odds are trying to tell you.

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