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The Utah Jazz are holding “secret” draft workouts

The Jazz are being quiet about draft workouts but we’ll find let you know more as we find out.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: FEB 03 Seattle U at Grand Canyon Photo by Zachary BonDurant/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s officially become draft workout season with it being revealed the Utah Jazz are holding draft workouts today. Today’s included Cameron Tyson of Seattle University.

We also found out they had a workout with Mike Sharavjamts of the Dayton Flyers. It’s not clear when exactly Sharavjamts will work out with the Jazz, he may have already had the workout.

Finally, we’ve seen that the Jazz also have a workout with Lamont Butler of San Diego State University.

What’s interesting is that we’re finding out about these workouts from sources other than the Jazz because the Jazz front office is looking to keep everything they do a secret from other teams.

Sneaky Jazz... or does that make us sneaky for finding this and posting it? Either way a lot of suspicious activity is going on.

This activity is different than what the Jazz had done in the past where they announced all their different workouts for everyone . It also made our lives easier but I don’t know if Danny Ainge and Justin Zanik are thinking about the bloggers. Which begs the question, “Who’s thinking about the bloggers?!?!”

We’ll keep posting as we hear about new developments in the draft. It’s likely that the players projected higher in the draft will wait until after the lottery to book a lot of their workouts. Players and agents usually aren’t interested in working out for teams out of their range.